Photon Nanoskin Pro

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The NEW and improved NanoSkin Pro Photon Device for spa professionals provides RF technology with IO cleanse, Electroporation, EMS lifting, LED, biomechanical sonic vibration and cool compress. This is an ultimate weapon against photo-aging!!

The device includes the following modalities:
Electroporation 10Hz uses short modulated pulses of high voltage to create transient aqueous pores in the skin. This application of an electrical pulse momentarily disrupts the cell membrane, allowing the entry of product. When the pulse ceases, the membrane returns to its original structure, leaving product that has been penetrated into the interior of the cell in place! This dramatically increases skin permeability. In simple language, electroporation is opening a door that allows us to insert products deeper into the skin. Also called needle-free mesotherapy.

Microcurrent 10Hz aids in reducing the signs of aging by utilizing a low level of electricity known as microcurrent. These tiny microcurrent impulses trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits and work directly on the nerves and muscle fibers.  The result is visible firming and smoothing of the skin.

Radio Frequency 1Mhz Thermal energy. RF energy produces an electrical current that stimulates new collagen and also causes some contraction of the skin, thus you’ll notice tightening!

Biomechanical Vibrations (6000-7000 times per minute) send gentle vibrations that stimulate muscles. The effects are particularly beneficial for speeding up metabolism by improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue for smooth healthy skin. This is the mode that I feel that really induces the toning! This sonic massage increases ingredient penetration and absorption and it relaxes the client.

Red LED 620-630nm: Stimulates fiber cells, improves blood circulation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging and pigmentation.

Blue LED 460-470nm: Kills surface bacteria, anti-inflammatory and calms skin.


This device is NOT to be used with any products that contain any oils or aloe vera, as these ingredients can cause damage to the device and/or your skin. ONLY use a conductor gel/lotion that is meant for electrical currency and radio frequency. We highly suggest using our Perfect Nanocurrent Lotion.