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In this two-part course, discover the biology and function of the skin and how to translate it into your consultation and treatments for optimum results.

What Can You Expect?

  • This two-part course gives you the keys to understanding why the skin reacts the way it does and how to educate your clients on proper skin care products and treatment.
  • Understanding the skin, its biology, function and disorders can be vital when treating clients each with their own unique set of needs. Make choosing skin treatments easy by being able to identify disorder, dysfunctions and what is causing them.
  • Video demonstrations and visual charts for making learning easier.

Boost your confidence and set your self apart with advanced education.


Skin Function and Mechanisms

  • Skin Biology

  • Skin Color and Fitzpatrick Scale 

  • Skin's Color Mechanisms

  • Characteristics of Skin

  • Skin Camera Analysis

  • Mechanisms of Aging

  • Inflammation

  • Acne

  • Pigmentation Disorders

  • Rosacea

Skin Analysis

  • Skin Camera Analysis

  • Understanding the Client's Skin

  • Determine Cell Turnover Ratio

  • Revisit Homecare

  • Client Recommendations and Treatment

  • Booking and Client Programs


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