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Skin Perfect Academy’s PMU Brow course is unique in that it takes the concepts and philosophy of hair micropigmentation, but it dives into more advanced techniques that give the clients a softer, fuller brow without the edginess or spottiness of traditional microblading.  We see many post microblade clients that say they don’t feel like their brows have enough girth, density and staying power and they feel they are still using a brow pencil.  So, Jaclyn knew a different technique needed to be developed to give these clients their perfect brows.

Jaclyn Peresetsky created the technique called PMU Micro-Hair Shade which is a hair stroke layering technique that creates depth through using various colors lowlights and highlights, as well as different hair widths and tapering, mimicking their natural hair. 

In our intensive PMU Micro-Hair Brow Course, we have our students first complete an online training in the comfort of their own home that prepares them for the course.  This info is an important foundation that helps them to begin to understand micropigmentation treatments, implanting pigment into the skin and how pigment settles into the skin based on the particular skin tone, characteristics, and skin condition.

Day 1: Micropigmentation (Pigment & needle) Brow Theory

In the morning, the students will learn advanced brow shaping, color theory and brow shading.  They also will focus on face shapes and how to balance facial features, so brows enhance the shape of their face and create more youthfulness with correct proportions.  In the afternoon, Jaclyn will demonstrate this technique with different models so students can start to understand how the pigment is implanted to create the final result.  They also will go over machine details and needle configurations to understand what needle configurations go with what skin textures, color, and types.

*Students may take the first half of this training online if they prefer.  Please contact the academy instructors for more details at instructor@skinperfectuniversity.com or by calling 239-262-5110.

Day 2: Procedure & Model Day

This day we will start with hands on.  The students will begin with the machine and the practice skin to understand the technique of needles on skin and pigments in skin, then they will set up to begin their first model.  Each student will complete 2-3 models with help of the instructor depending on model availability, student’s own skill set and the amount of time it takes to do each model.  We will critique, discuss, and create a plan moving forward on developing their technique in stages so soon they will be a micro-hair brow pro.

For new PMU students, the course is $3400.

*This course is offered to those who have had previous microblade training for $1800.

*Students must show certification of prior training before beginning the class.