Color and Makeup

Need makeup and color training in skin tone matching? Or maybe you would like to learn Color Analysis? We have it all! 

See the below guidelines to choose the best course for you.

Color Intro Class for Skin Tone: Take this online course if you are interested in learning about color ID and skin tone. Once you know what to look for, you will be able to perfectly match your client's makeup to their unique skin tone so they look and feel their best!

Colore Core Class: In this online course you will learn about color theory and color characteristics in order to apply this knowledge to makeup and color recommendations for your clients. You will be able to identify what color characteristics harmonize with different skin tones, and your clients will feel most confident in their color choices after leaving your spa.

Colore Pro: Get your Color Analysis certification in this 2 day in person training. Learn the history of color analysis, color science, color theory, cosmetic undertones, seasonal colors, and be able to identify a persons specific color palette.

Colore Master Class: If all the above classes peak your interest, why not combine all three? This 2 day in person class is just that! Learn color ID, skin tone, color theory, and color analysis. You will leave having very well rounded knowledge of all things color, and feel confident in your color recommendations.