Offer your clients perfect, symmetrical brows using the techniques and artistry of Skin Perfect Academy Brow Pro instructors. Being able to do amazing brows is a great way to gain trust and loyalty.

Not sure which course is best for you? Follow the below guidelines to help you choose.

Brow Master Class: If you already have a good foundation of knowledge of brows, and are just looking to enhance your shaping skills, this class is for you! This 5 hour course will help you master facial analysis, brow measuring, waxing, tweezing and tinting.

Lash Lift Course: Are you wanting to learn lash lifting? This 3 hour course teaches you how to perform the lash lift service using the iLashHero system.

Brows 101: We understand that sometimes esthetic schools go over topics pretty quickly, so you might be left feeling like you need more education and practice on brow shaping. In addition to mastering brow shaping, you will learn the foundation knowledge that you need to know in order to give your clients the best possible brows!

2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course: Learn this 2-in-1 technique that your clients will love! This highly profitable combined treatment will keep you and your spa up to date with the industry and give your clients maximum results in a minimum amount of time. This course includes an 8-hour online theory portion prior to your practical day where you will practice the service on models. 

Brow & Lash Intensive: Are you looking for a combination of all the above mentioned courses? Then this course is for you! Learn the fundamentals of brows and lashes with an online theory portion, before coming in person to learn the techniques of brow shaping, lash lifting, as well as the 2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination treatment. You will leave the course feeling like a brow and lash master!


We’re here to help so if you have any questions about booking training, please contact us.