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Do you feel that your primary esthetic training has been enough to prepare you for the ever-changing world of esthetics? Skin Perfect Academy is a 3200 sq. ft. facility located in Columbus, OH. The Spa’s 5 treatment rooms, large theory room, clinical training room, makeup and color studio, skin analysis room, and concierge and reception space are designed to give every student the advanced education they need and the spa experience that allows them to learn the culture and experience of a clinical spa. 

Whether you are looking for online or hands-on instruction, we offer something for everyone. Read through the guide below to determine the best course for you!


Online Courses

Browse our full catalog of online courses here.

Not sure which online course to start with? 

If you are just starting your journey into advanced esthetics, the best online course for you is our Advanced Esthetics Online Bootcamp. This bootcamp consists of 6 modules that focus on your fundamental knowledge of advanced esthetics. Take this prior to taking any hands-on training so that you are well equipped to start practicing on models!

Or, if you are looking for additional education on a specific topic, choose from our individual online courses to fill in any areas where you need additional training and education.  Classes Include: 

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Hands-On Training

Put your advanced esthetics knowledge into hands-on practice. 

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We offer many different in-person trainings, see below to determine which is right for you:

If you are just beginning your advanced esthetics career, or just getting back into it, you may be wanting a course that covers a little bit of everything:

Clinical Esthetics Hybrid - Experience one of our most sought-after courses! This training combines six online course modules and two full days of hands-on learning and execution of the material covered in the modules. In this training, you will learn advanced skin analysis and how to prescribe customized treatment plans and skin care regimens. Learn key skills such as dermaplaning, chemical peels, hydra-microdermabrasion & microdermabrasion, etc. This is the best course for learning and practicing a wide range of skills that will be fundamental in your advanced esthetics career. 

Here more about Clinical Esthetics Hybrid from our owner and lead instructor:

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Clinical Esthetics Refresher - This course is designed for estheticians that may have fallen out of practice for a while and are looking for a quick refresher to get them back up to speed and comfortable practicing on clients again. This course is offered as either a half day or full day hands-on training, depending on how much refreshing is needed. 




If you are interested in learning and practicing a specific skill:

Dermaplane Pro - Dermaplaning is a key skill and usually the base of a great advanced esthetic treatment. Mastering this skill is a must in order to be successful in advanced esthetics. This full day training will teach you the correct technique and give you multiple models to practice on, so you will leave feeling confident and ready to conquer the industry!

Chemical Peel Pro - Knowing all the different grades of chemical peels, and when to use them is another key skill in advanced esthetics. The chemical peel is an amazing form of exfoliation and can provide great results if done correctly. This full day training provides you with all the fundamental knowledge and offers hands on practice on models.

Skin Machines & Technology - The esthetic industry is constantly changing, with new technology and devices always evolving. Skin Perfect Academy has all the latest devices and will catch you up to speed so you can offer your clients the most updated treatments.

Nutrition & Diet Effects on Skin - Understanding how a client's diet might be affecting their skin is a great skill to have. Many clients are unaware that what they eat may be causing certain skin modalities. Understanding this as their esthetician and being able to diagnose the core of the problem will make seeing great results a piece of cake!

The Art of Putting Together Regimens - Building your client a customized skin care regimen and treatment plan is a great way to keep them coming back. In this course, learn about product ingredients and how to properly identify which products are needed to see the best results for different skin types and modalities.


All hands-on trainings are scheduled based on our student's availability. If you are interested, call or email us to check upcoming courses or to schedule one that works for you. 

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Our licensed and certified Skin Perfect Care Specialists and Instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.